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Särkymättömät lasit - maailmanlaajuisesti ainutlaatuiset
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  • Urheilulasit
Produced and
developed in Austria


Rajaa lasivalikoimaa Etsi malli
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Etsi malli

What is the width of my face

Our M models are perfect for slightly narrower faces.
If you have a distinctive or slightly broader face shape, our L models are just right. They almost always fit.


Innovaatio, toimivuus ja tyyli yhdistyvät: Tutustu murtumattomiin urheilulaseihimme, joissa on maailmanlaajuisesti ainutlaatuinen linssilaatu ja itsesäätyvät ohimot.
G21 Snow white Urheiluaurinkolasit
Snow white
6 Color variations
€ 189,00
G20 Flatline E-Bike TRF Urheiluaurinkolasit
Flatline E-Bike TRF
7 Color variations
€ 209,00
G13 Silence Urheiluaurinkolasit
23 Color variations
€ 169,00
G9 RADICAL Transformer energizer green TRF Urheiluaurinkolasit
Transformer energizer green TRF
8 Color variations
€ 229,00
G14 river matt POL Urheiluaurinkolasit
river matt POL
7 Color variations
€ 199,00
G16 River POL Urheiluaurinkolasit
River POL
5 Color variations
€ 199,00
G12 Manaslu Urheiluaurinkolasit
9 Color variations
€ 179,00
G9 XTR infrared Urheiluaurinkolasit
3 Color variations
€ 189,00
G15 grey orange neon Urheiluaurinkolasit
grey orange neon
16 Color variations
€ 159,00
G20 ULTRA Dark grey Urheiluaurinkolasit
Dark grey
3 Color variations
€ 179,00
G19 gold Urheiluaurinkolasit
2 Color variations
€ 179,00
G11 RADICAL blue Urheiluaurinkolasit
6 Color variations
€ 169,00
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You need help? You can reach us from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Yhteystiedot FAQs office[at]
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