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shield sunglasses
Produced and
developed in Austria

shield sunglasses

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Size: mm
Weight: g
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Optically glazed: yes
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shield sunglasses

Innovation, function and style combined: Discover our unbreakable Shield sunglasses with world-beating lens quality and self-adjusting temples.
G21 Project B.I.G. by Jakob SchubertG21 Project B.I.G. by Jakob SchubertG21 Project B.I.G. by Jakob Schubert
Project B.I.G. by Jakob Schubert
G21 Fusion cross redG21 Fusion cross redG21 Fusion cross red
Fusion cross red
G21 PistacchioG21 PistacchioG21 Pistacchio
G21 Snow whiteG21 Snow whiteG21 Snow white
Snow white
G21 E-Bike TRFG21 E-Bike TRFG21 E-Bike TRF
E-Bike TRF
G21 Smoke greyG21 Smoke greyG21 Smoke grey
Smoke grey
G21 Black ShinyG21 Black ShinyG21 Black Shiny
Black Shiny
G20 Flatline AREA 47 EditionG20 Flatline AREA 47 EditionG20 Flatline AREA 47 Edition
Flatline AREA 47 Edition
G20 Flatline Bierol EditionG20 Flatline Bierol EditionG20 Flatline Bierol Edition
Flatline Bierol Edition
G20 Flatline E-Bike TRFG20 Flatline E-Bike TRFG20 Flatline E-Bike TRF
Flatline E-Bike TRF
G20 Flatline ClearG20 Flatline ClearG20 Flatline Clear
Flatline Clear
G20 Sphere blueG20 Sphere blueG20 Sphere blue
Sphere blue
G20 Flatline infraredG20 Flatline infraredG20 Flatline infrared
Flatline infrared
G20 Flatline duskG20 Flatline duskG20 Flatline dusk
Flatline dusk
G20 Sphere redG20 Sphere redG20 Sphere red
Sphere red

Buy unbreakable shield glasses online

What are fast glasses?

The term "fast glasses" generally refers to sports glasses that are specifically designed for use during fast and intense activities. These shield glasses have now entered the fashion world and are extremely popular outside of the sports world. "Fast goggles" are often aerodynamically shaped and have a snug fit to ensure optimal support during movement. They also offer additional protection, such as from wind, dust, dirt or insects. Fast glasses can be used for various sports and activities, such as cycling, running, skiing and snowboarding.

Why do people call them fast glasses?

The term "fast goggles" probably originated because of the aerodynamic properties of these glasses, designed for athletes who travel at high speeds. A "fast goggle" usually has a sleek design and offers improved vision, protection and comfort for athletes who perform at high levels. The designation alludes to the fast-paced nature of the activities for which these sunglasses are designed.

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You need help? You can reach us from Monday - Friday
from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

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