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What is the width of my face

131 mm
131 mm
Our M models are perfect for slightly narrower faces.
143 mm
143 mm
If you have a distinctive or slightly broader face shape, our L models are just right. They almost always fit.

sport optics

Innovation, function and style combined: Discover our unbreakable prescription sports eyewear with world-beating lens quality and self-adjusting temples.
sunglasses with prescription online

Discover gloryfy sports glasses with prescription online

Make the most of your athletic potential without sacrificing optimal vision - that's what gloryfy sports glasses with individual prescription allow you to do. Discover the diverse selection and find the perfect glasses that adapt to your personal needs.

Important features of sports glasses

High quality sports glasses should have the following features:

  1. Lightweight: For maximum comfort and minimum distraction during exercise.
  2. Unbreakable: To easily take falls and bumps and protect your eyes.
  3. UV protection: To protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.
  4. Good fit: The glasses should sit securely and comfortably on your face without slipping.
  5. Ventilation: To prevent the lenses from fogging and ensure clear vision.

gloryfy sports eyewear prescription fitting

A vision fitting can be done for both single and multifocal lenses (e.g. progressive lenses) and covers different visual deficiencies.

What sports glasses are available from gloryfy?

gloryfy offers a wide range of sports glasses with prescription for different activities:

  1. Running: For optimal visibility and protection while running.
  2. Cycling: Designed specifically for cyclists to provide clear vision and protection in wind and weather.
  3. Winter sports: Protect eyes from snow, wind and harsh light in the mountains.
  4. Water sports: Provide protection from water, wind and reflective sunlight.
  5. Outdoor and multisport: Versatile glasses for various sports and outdoor activities.

Optimal fit of sports glasses

Well-fitting sports glasses should rest comfortably on the nose without leaving pressure marks. The glasses should sit securely behind the ears and not slip. In addition, the sports glasses should not be too tight to ensure adequate ventilation.

Discover the diverse selection of gloryfy sports glasses with prescription and find the perfect glasses for your needs. Experience unrestricted vision, protection and comfort during any sporting challenge. You can try on our sports eyewear online with our virtual fitting.

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