gloryfy unbreakable glasses are not only more durable than other glasses, they are able to protect your eyes from outside influences and harms. Learn more about the current status quo of eye injuries below.


Every 13 minutes, an eye injury resulting from sport is treated in the US.3


600.000 eye injuries occur in the USA every year as a result of sporting and leisure activities alone.1


42.000 of these cases had to be treated in outpatient care or, in some circumstances, in hospital.2


90% of these injuries could be avoided through the use of appropriate sunglasses/skiing goggles.4


In 2006, a group of experts made up of general practitioners, ophthalmologists and engineers from the field of vehicle safety at the Dekra in Neumünster (the Frontalaufprall [Frontal Collision] Meeting) came to the conclusion that car passengers who wear glasses are particularly vulnerable to airbag-induced injuries in the facial area, and especially in the eye area.5


2013 It could be demonstrated across varying collision speeds that glasses placed on a test dummy – in contrast to the previously prevailing opinion – stayed put and did not move of their own accord during a collision. It was rimless glasses in particular which were demonstrated to have an increased danger of breaking upon airbag deployment during a frontal collision in a car.5




But how does that look in practice? Are there any known cases, where gloryfy unbreakable glasses protected the eyes of the wearer in the case of an accident from serious harms and injuries? Yes! Find these stories below.


Sonja* from Innsbruck:
“My dad and my little brother had a bad accident with a scooter. The majority of my brother’s injuries were on his right leg, and my dad had serious facial injuries. Luckily, they are both doing a lot better now and there is no permanent damage done to either of them. Now, you’re probably wondering why I am telling you this? The reason is the following: You are a reason for their lack of permanent damage, and I would thus like to thank you and your product from the bottom of my heart! My dad wasn’t wearing a full visor helmet, but a typical Vespa helmet. In addition to this, he wasn’t wearing an average pair of sunglasses, but rather an unbreakable pair made by your company. Thank goodness! As, according to the doctor, if he had been wearing a different pair of glasses, they probably would not have withstood the collision and would have broken. But your glasses kept their promise! The lenses received only a few scratches, but they did not break, and this is the reason my dad did not sustain any eye injuries. At the beginning, I was sceptical about the slogan ‘unbreakable’, but now I swear by it. Thank you very much to you, your idea, and your product, for ensuring that my dad kept his 100% of his eyesight ! I am eternally grateful to you.”


Andreas* from Alaska:
“My gloryfy glasses were my constant companions on my last fishing trip in Alaska. Thankfully I have always been well protected with my gloryfy glasses – many times, a lead has flown by my face, just missing me. Again and again, a fish will pull out the lead while fighting, at that moment when the fishing rod is under particular stress – in these cases, the lead is fired like a bullet in the direction of the angler within a split second. My Swiss colleague – an experienced salmon fisher – had the hook pulled out during a fight with a red salmon. The lead broke through his – nongloryfy – glasses and just barely missed his eye. He had a huge black eye the following day, couldn’t see anything out of one eye, and had to go to the eye clinic in Anchorage. There, he discovered that around five to six eyes have to be removed every year due to injury, and that countless injuries occur in this very manner. I was very happy in any case, and also had the reassuring feeling in the back of my mind that something similar cannot happen to me thanks to my gloryfy glasses.”


Maria* from Basel:
“I am writing you this message with both my hands in plaster. Yes: left and right. I had a mountaineering accident last week, which could have gone a lot worse. With a ligamental strain in my ankle, a broken right hand, a broken left arm, and a few bruises, I got off fairly cheaply. Thanks to the gloryfy glasses I was wearing, I only got one bruise on my face, near my eye. I probably would have come off a lot worse with a lower-quality pair of glasses, because I fell directly on my face.”



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