gloryfy G13 Devil green

G13 Devil: the perfect all-round sport sunglasses

We all know that situation: you´ve been looking for the perfect all-round sunglasses that work for various activities, but you just can´t find a match. Specially because they should also have that certain something. We have some very good news for you: our gloryfy G13 Devil series is what you are looking for!


gloryfy G13 Devil red unzerbrechliche Brille


The new gloryfy G13 Devil models offer you all of our high-tech features such as an unbreakable frame, arms and lenses, high-contrast and colourfast vision (Contour Lens Technology) and maximal wearing comfort.

gloryfy G13 Devil blue unzerbrechliche Brille
gloryfy G13 Devil blue

gloryfy G13 Devil red unzerbrechliche Brille
gloryfy G13 Devil red

At first sight sporty and simple in matt black, one discovers bright colors on the inside of the temples, which gives these models a special touch! Find out more about our new gloryfy G13 Devil models! You can also find several additional lenses for the G13 series depending on the specific sport situation you want to use them in.


gloryfy G13 Devil Serie