20.000 glasses in 1 day

An injury to a friend’s eye whilst skiing and an argument witnessed between a couple after a classic “sitting on the sunglasses” incident in faraway Asia, causes the first inkling of an idea to take root in the head of the Tyrolean visionary. With great efforts and a lot of perseverance the team of the Austrian eyewear company – after several years of research and development – finally gave birth to their „baby”: unbreakable sunglasses, made in Austria by a small independent company. Unique, innovative and with plenty of unbreakable blood in every single product. The glasses have been available beyond Austria’s borders since 2011.


Any breaking news for the unbreakable family?

Yes, definitely! We are very excited about the new collection being sent out to all our dealers during the last weeks! You can find many new models at our shop partners already now and soon also on www.gloryfy.com. On another note: we are super happy about our new warehouse! We had to move 20.000 sunglasses from our old to our new warehouse … but thanks to our great team we managed that within 1 day and were able to continue the next day like nothing had happened!




You produce your high-tech products in peaceful Mayrhofen in the Zillertal valley. Why there, exactly?

For a company with a worldwide unique product with a highly complex technical background, it is certainly extraordinary to produce in Tyrol – the Zillertal, to be exact. But it is quite logical: I was born and raised in the Zillertal. Our laboratory was built here and later the production facility – 
it just feels natural for to us to work here.


How many people work there?

At the moment around 30 people work in Mayrhofen, another ten at the second location in Rotholz, near Buch in Tyrol. Every single employee of our small team is very important, because the know-how simply plays a very important role in our field. 




Are there other advantages at the Tyrol site?

The proximity to certain athletes, e.g. mountaineers, paragliders, snowboarders or ski mountaineers – and we have them in Tyrol literally directly on our doorstep. From the beginning, our unbreakable sunglasses (SPORT collection) and goggles have been very well received by extreme athletes, which has given us valuable input for our product development and will continue to do so in the future. Tyrol was and is the best location for gloryfy unbreakable eyewear to make contact with many athletes, who then push our products out into the world. In the meantime, we continue to use this entire know-how to develop our SUN and OPTICS collections. Years of feedback from our partners has proven essential.





Thanks a lot, Christoph!

You´re welcome!