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unbreakable glasses - unique worldwide
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Eyewear made for a lifetime. Unbreakable, and your perfect companion in every situation. No fragmenting or broken parts, even under extreme force. This reduces the risk of an eye injury.


Our unbreakable frames and lenses that are made from specialist NBFX plastic always return to their original position, even after considerable deformation.

Light as a feather

A key advantage of the material NBFX is its weight. With a specific weight of 1.11 g/cm³, the eyewear from gloryfy is lightweight, and outperforms conventional materials.

High-quality product

The reason for the high optical clarity of the lens material is the high Abbe number of NBFX (Abbe number 45) in comparison with polycarbonate (Abbe number 31) and 1.67 material (Abbe number 32).

We design and make eyewear that accompanies you through thick and thin and which is MADE IN AUSTRIA.

To prevent longevity and sustainability from being empty promises, we manufacture our products locally, here in Tyrol, Austria. This not only helps protect the environment, it also gives you the feel good factor. The gloryfy unbreakable eyewear is developed, designed, manufactured and put through its paces every day by a professional and highly specialised team in Zillertal (Austria). Short distances between the development, production and distribution protect the environment and are key arguments in favour of manufacturing our eyewear in Austria.

More than 20 people currently work in our production department. The know-how of each of our employees is very important, as the production of a single pair of glasses requires up to 80 steps, many of which have to be completed by hand. Precision work, a sophisticated work flow and a detailed quality assurance process are the steps that make the production of these marvels of technology possible in the first place.

PROTECT your eyes

handmade x hightech

one of a kind

Unbreakable eyewear and
its distinctive characteristics

Made in Austria
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