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Unbreakable eyewear
made in Austria

gloryfy unbreakable eyewear – unbreakable eyewear made using the innovative and patented specialist plastic NBFX. Developed, designed, made and tested each day by our highly specialised team in the heart of the Alps, in the Zillertal in Tyrol. Unique, innovative and with considerable enthusiasm in each individual product.

We offer you the perfect eyewear for every area of life – made in the Zillertal in Tyrol.

Our gloryfy unbreakable team makes unbreakable, award-winning eyewear (Red Dot Best of the Best and ISPO Award) from the patented specialist plastic NBFX™. Launched in 2011 with a small all-around sports eyewear collection, we now offer a wide range of colours and fits in sunglasses, sports eyewear and optical eyewear.

The special characteristics of the material from which our eyewear is made: It does not break, it returns to its original position even after severe deformation, it is airbag-safe, it has unique optical properties (Abbe number 45 and Contour Lens Technology), and ensures complete wear comfort due to its minimised weight. Selected models in the new collection also feature the patented Inclinox technology! This innovation enables the individual self-adjustment of the temples – a tight fit when active, a loose fit when relaxing.

The unbreakable eyewear is therefore the perfect companion for every situation, and offers more comfort than conventional eyewear for sports activities, everyday life and travel. Maximum protection, highest wearing comfort, incomparable lens quality and unbreakable frames, lenses and temples complete the package.

If you think that so much function and technology in a pair of glasses would make its visuals suffer, you’d be wrong. From unbreakable sports glasses and ski goggles through to fashionable lifestyle models and optical glasses, gloryfy offers the best vision for every area of life, combined with ground-breaking design! Several international sports stars and extreme athletes have sworn by the innovative eyewear from gloryfy for years. The models in the gloryfy LIFESTYLE collection are often to be seen on the world’s red carpets and stages.


Since 2019, the headquarters of gloryfy have been located in a converted industrial hall that nestles between green mountain slopes and tranquil villages at the entrance to the idyllic Zillertal in Tyrol. It is there that the unbreakable eyewear is not only designed, but also made. The continuous discussion between all the departments is reflected in the quality of our eyewear.

Work, sweat, heart and soul and many milestones. That’s our story.

Made in Austria
Free delivery from € 45,00
14 days return policy
Safe payment
You need help? You can reach us from Monday - Friday
from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Contact FAQ office[at]
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You need help? You can reach us from Monday - Friday
from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Contact FAQs office[at]
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