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G9 XTR Helioz Stratos redG9 XTR Helioz Stratos redG9 XTR Helioz Stratos red
XTR Helioz Stratos red
GLORYFY UNBREAKABLE   gloryfy unbreakable eyewear - glasses and sunglasses made in Austria out of the innovative and patented special material NBFX. Our products are designed, developed, manufactured and tested by a small team directly in the heart of the Austrian Alps, in the Zillertal in Tyrol. Gloryfy unbreakable eyewear is a unique product with a huge amount of passion in each and every single pair of glasses that is produced. Discover our SUN, SPORT, OPTICS and GOGGLES collections and become unbreakable!
reddot Award 2014 Ispo Award 2014/2015
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  • Gi8 Panto black matt L

  • Gi8 Panto havanna M

  • Gi8 Panto havanna M

  • Gi15 St. Pauli Sun havanna

  • Tiffany Havanna

  • Gi15 St. Pauli Sun Vintage green

  • EyeLike Crystal

  • Gi21 Dante red

  • G15 nano

  • Gi15 St. Pauli Sun Kiezblende

  • Gi19 42nd Street gold havanna

  • G9 XTR blue

  • G13 maduo by David Lama

  • G13 black matt

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