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Box of Glory
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Art.N° 1601-01-41 | shiny
EUR 129,00
Reduced. Functional. Simply beautiful. The shiny gloryfy G6 black are definitely the right choice. Whether in combination with a suit for a night out clubbing, or with surfer shorts on the beach, these will give you the edge. The necessary amount of ‚unbreakable technology’ makes these the ideal lifestyle sunglasses.
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/UserFiles/Image/Produktbilder/xl/G6_black_shiny_P.jpg /UserFiles/Image/Produktbilder/xl/G6_black_shiny_S.jpg
  • G6 racer
    Art.N° 1601-05-41 /UserFiles/Image/Produktbilder/Kollektionen Shop/2015_Main1/SPORTstyle/G6_racer_P_New.jpg
      EUR 149,00
    G6 le mans
    Art.N° 1604-05-41 /UserFiles/Image/Produktbilder/Kollektionen Shop/2015_Main1/SPORTstyle/G6_le_mans_P_New.jpg
      EUR 149,00
    G6 mugello
    Art.N° 1604-06-41 /UserFiles/Image/Produktbilder/Kollektionen Shop/2015_Main1/SPORTstyle/G6_mugello_P_New.jpg
      EUR 149,00
    G6 brown gradient
    Art.N° 1602-02-41 /UserFiles/Image/Produktbilder/xl/G6_brown gradient_P.jpg
      EUR 139,00
    G6 black gradient
    Art.N° 1602-01-41 /UserFiles/Image/Produktbilder/xl/G6_black gradient_P.jpg
      EUR 139,00
    G6 brown
    Art.N° 1601-02-41 /UserFiles/Image/Produktbilder/xl/G6_brown_shiny_P.jpg
      EUR 129,00
    G6 black
    Art.N° 1601-01-41 /UserFiles/Image/Produktbilder/xl/G6_black_shiny_P.jpg
      EUR 129,00
    G6 white
    Art.N° 1601-04-41 /UserFiles/Image/Produktbilder/xl/G6_white_Perspektivansicht.jpg
      EUR 129,00