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Box of Glory
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white purple
Art.N° 1212-08-41 | shiny
EUR 129,00
The G2 white-purple combine striking purple print with a simple, yet sophisticated, frame and they are a great entry-level model from gloryfy - the perfect blend of good design and technical features.
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choose your favorite and send the other glasses free return within 7 days
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at the moment only in austria and germany!
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/UserFiles/Image/Produktbilder/xl/G2_white-purple_P.jpg /UserFiles/Image/Produktbilder/xl/G2_white-purple_S.jpg
  • G2 pure red
    Art.N° 1213-03-00 /UserFiles/Image/Produktbilder/Kollektionen Shop/2015_Main1/SPORTstyle/G2_pure_red_P_New.jpg
      EUR 99,00
    G2 pure woods
    Art.N° 1213-04-00 /UserFiles/Image/Produktbilder/Kollektionen Shop/2015_Main1/SPORTstyle/G2_pure_woods_P_New.jpg
      EUR 99,00
    G2 twice anthracite
    Art.N° 1212-25-41 /UserFiles/Image/Produktbilder/Kollektionen Shop/2015_Main1/SPORTstyle/G2_twice_anthracite_P_New.jpg
      EUR 139,00
    G2 twice brown
    Art.N° 1212-27-41 /UserFiles/Image/Produktbilder/Kollektionen Shop/2015_Main1/SPORTstyle/G2_twice_brown_P_New.jpg
      EUR 139,00
    G2 aurora blue
    Art.N° 1212-30-41 /UserFiles/Image/Produktbilder/Kollektionen Shop/2015_Main1/SPORTstyle/G2_aurora_blue_P_New.jpg
      EUR 139,00
    G2 aurora green
    Art.N° 1212-29-41 /UserFiles/Image/Produktbilder/Kollektionen Shop/2015_Main1/SPORTstyle/G2_aurora_green_P_New.jpg
      EUR 139,00
    G2 armstrong
    Art.N° 1212-38-00 /UserFiles/Image/Produktbilder/Kollektionen Shop/2015_Main1/SPORTstyle/G2_armstrong_P_New.jpg
      EUR 129,00
    G2 cuba libre
    Art.N° 1212-16-20 /UserFiles/Image/Produktbilder/xl/G2_cuba_libre_Perspektivenansicht.jpg
      EUR 129,00
    G2 I love unbreakable green
    Art.N° 1212-22-20 /UserFiles/Image/Produktbilder/xl/G2_I_love_unbreakable_green_P.jpg
      EUR 129,00
    G2 PRO white-orange
    Art.N° 1212-10-41 /UserFiles/Image/Produktbilder/xl/G2_pro_white_orange_Perspektivansicht.jpg
      EUR 129,00
    G2 desert rose
    Art.N° 1212-20-41 /UserFiles/Image/Produktbilder/xl/G2_desert_rose_P.jpg
      EUR 129,00
    G2 white purple
    Art.N° 1212-08-41 /UserFiles/Image/Produktbilder/xl/G2_white-purple_P.jpg
      EUR 129,00
    G2 air black transformer
    Art.N° 1212-23-41 /UserFiles/Image/Produktbilder/Kollektionen Shop/2013_Main2/G2/G2_air_black_P.jpg
      EUR 179,00
    G2 my shiny pol
    Art.N° 1212-14-41 /UserFiles/Image/Produktbilder/xl/G2_my_shiny_POL_Perspektivenansicht.jpg
      EUR 169,00
    G2 air white
    Art.N° 1212-18-41 /UserFiles/Image/Produktbilder/xl/G2_air-white_P.jpg
      EUR 149,00
    G2 air purple
    Art.N° 1212-17-41 /UserFiles/Image/Produktbilder/xl/G2_air-purple_P.jpg
      EUR 149,00
    G2 black matt
    Art.N° 1212-01-20 /UserFiles/Image/Produktbilder/xl/G2_black_Perspektivansicht.jpg
      EUR 99,00